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The Japanese shoplifting solution

The Japanese shoplifting solution

Did you know how Japan handles customers trying to shoplift?
Japan treats its customers with respect, and in most stores you will not find Anti-shoplifting Devices or anti-theft systems, and the sellers will leave you alone until you ask them something (because, God forbid, to show the customer that you suspect that he is capable of stealing). But what happens when a customer “cheats on trust” and still tries to shoplift something?
In many stores in Japan you will find (near the cash register) a few large orange balls. These balls are actually paintball balls, which the seller has to throw at the thief so that the police will could identify the shoplifter when he runs away. The sellers are trained in throwing these balls! And their instructions include throwing balls towards the thief’s legs and, if necessary, his car if he tries to escape. As cool as it sounds, to date only a few cases have been counted in which this amusing tactic has been used ( the level of crime in Japan is not very high anyway). But they do lie at the cash register in a conspicuous place to warn potential thieves.

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There is a Ketchup made from bananas

There is a Ketchup made from bananas

During World War II, there was a wide shortage of tomatoes and on the other hand an rise in the production of bananas. In order to make up for the shortage, María Orosa a Filipino food technologist, invented the “Banana Ketchup”, which was made mainly out of bananas (and was painted with red food coloring to resemble the original ketchup). This strange Ketchup has gained popularity among Filipinos, and to this date it has a significant role in many Filipino dishes.
Now a days you can get it anywhere in the Philippines and also in countries where there are many Filipinos like Australia, New Zealand The US etc.


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The Hot Tub Cinema

The Hot Tub Cinema

If you are used to visit the cinema all by yourself, this London based concept (which by now has spread to Spain and the US) will probably not be very appealing to you – unlike a normal movie theater – as long as you do not buy tickets with some friends – you will have to share your seats (hot tub) with some other viewers in their bathing suits. You can reserve your own private hot tub, which will probably cost you as much as reserving a whole row of seats in the cinema.
The price is not cheap – private baths are around 250$ and a pair of tickets is 80$.
The Hot Tub Cinema website reminds us that “the hot tub is more enjoyable with friends, so we do not sell individual tickets.” Perhaps the organizers are trying to discourage lone strangers who do not want to share a hot tub.

hot tub cinema hot tub cinema
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How to make 10 million dollars out of scratch

How to make 10 million dollars out of scratch

From childhood Peter Diamandis dreamed to reach outer space.
So he just came up with a Foundation called the X-Prize, with a $ 10 million prize for the first (non-state team) to reach space.
The problem? well, He was just one dude who did not have the money for the prize, which meant no team agreed to compete.
For years Diamandis tried to recruit sponsors for his fantasy, but with no success.
Peter had almost given up his crazy dream but then something miraculous happened, after a sleepless night, he decided to announce the $ 10 million prize at a press conference (even though he did not have the money).
To give credence to the announcement, he managed to convince former astronauts to sit down at the table next to him while talking to the reporters.
The next day reporters wrote about the crazy “space contest” in all the newspapers around the world and reality began to unfold. A global interest ensued, followed by sponsors and dozens of teams that joined the space race.
Since then, the organization Diamandis founded has created exciting tournaments into space where the competing teams have invested over $ 1 billion (!).
Diamandis dreamed of going far, he had an idea and made it happen. this is how you make $ 10 million out of scratch.

Here is Diamandis TED talk:

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There is a survivor of 2 different High Scool massacres

There is a survivor of 2 different High Scool massacres

Regina Rohde was a 15-year-old student sitting in the cafeteria of her school when two students opened fire on students. The horrific Columbine High School massacre , in 1999, It was considered one of the worst shooting incidents in American society.

Rohde survived the event, overcame the trauma and continued her studies at Virginia Tech College. One day, in 2007, while she was on campus, the most deadly shooting campaign in the United States took place, killing 32 people.
The mass shooter was a 23-year-old student named Seung-Hui Cho, who was deeply influenced by the massacre at Columbine High School. This act inspired him to embark on a deadly shooting spree of his own.

In a rare and chilling coincidence, Regina Rohde survived 2 different shooting sprees which were actually connected to each the other.

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There is a Human Toe Drink in Canada

There is a Human Toe Drink in Canada

In one of the pubs in Dawson City, (West Canada). Customers are invited to take on the “Sourtoe finger challenge”. For 10 Canadian dollars, you can order an alcoholic drink (The Sourtoe Cocktail) with a twist – it has a dried man’s toe in the glass! The goal is to let the severed toe touch your lips as you indulge in the drink. The challenge was founded in 1973, when Captain Dick Stevenson found a lonely finger in a jar of alcohol that belonged to a man who had lost the toe from Hypothermia. In 1980, the original finger was swallowed and since then more than 10 different fingers have been swallowed (and replaced) by various donors. Since some people swallowed their toes deliberately, it was decided to impose a fine and today if you decide to swallow the toe you will be fined $500 Canadian dollars. In the pub they pride themselves on the fact that about 30 to 40 customers take the challenge every night, to date it has over 100,000 members which completed the challenge, each of whom has received a certificate of appreciation.

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The Glasshead Fish

The Glasshead Fish

The Barreleyes (A.k.a the The Glasshead Fish) is one of the most mysterious marine creatures known to science.
Its length is no more than 15 cm, and it lives at a depth of about 2.5 kilometers.
The body of the fish is completely transparent gelatin that allows us to see his internal organs.
The translucent skull is not just an interesting fashion statement, but a vital feature for the fish. Because of his see-through skull cap, he can absorb the little light that sleeps to this abyss. There are two black circles that look like cute eyes, well, Contrary to what had been thought in the past, these are not the eyes but it is the fish’s nostrils. The eyes are the pair of green balls that are in his skull cap which named the fish Barreleyes due to their barrel-shape. The light comes through his transparent skull and the eyes of the fish can rotate 90 degrees, so it can look up.
Its source of food is jellyfish, but in this case jellyfish are only the source and not the food itself – the fish feeds on the plankton around jellyfishes bodies, and it does not harm the jellyfish themselves.
The gelatin that makes up his body is very soft, and a slight contact with any object is enough to tear this layer and kill the fish, so the seabed is probably the only safe place where it can dwell.
The existence of the fish has been known since 1939, but until 2004, only the dead bodies were found via fishing nets. The only (so far – 2017) shot of a live Barreleyes fish was taken by marine biologists Bruce Robison and Kim Reisenbichler which took the video by an unmanned, undersea RC robot.

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Dolphins name each other

Dolphins name each other

Scientists discovered that each dolphin gives itself a name in the form of a sound-pattern which is unique to him and then publishes it among the pod (a pod usually is around 12 members). In this way, dolphins call each other distinctly. a dolphin who wants to call his friend, will whistle the name of the pod member and in response the pod member will whistle his name back to confirm that he is present and heard the call. Names are often used when dolphins are in large groups, such as when several pods meet in the ocean, they exchange whistles in order to introduce themselves and get to know each other. More names are used when one of the dolphins moves away from the pod. In this case, the other dolphins call the dolphin so it will not go too far or to look for a missing pod member. It also turns out that dolphins are able to recognize that they have been called even when the voice is produced by someone other than a dolphin!
This discovery was made by a group of scientists who were on a boat (off the east coast of Scotland) and recorded the sound while a dolphin announced his presence, the researchers then Responded with the same whistle as a response to the call.

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Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

In 2010, billionaire, art dealer and collector of treasures Forrest Fenn decided he had enough of running an art gallery along with his wife and wanted to do something truly amazing. Fenn, who was diagnosed with cancer, decided to separate from humanity and be generous on the way: He would give people some of the wealth he had accumulated during his life (he had no heirs). as a very intelligent (and a very rich man), Fenn did it in an original way: he took a large box containing 3 million US dollars (including ancient coins, jewelry and other artifacts. He hid the Treasure-box “somewhere” in the Rockies, Later, Fenn published his autobiography “The Thrill of the Chase” with a poem containing clues about the whereabouts of the treasure which has not been discovered to this day (2017). Many people claim they have found the treasure but have no real proof of it, and Fenn himself said in 2016 that he was sure the treasure had not yet been found. People continue to search for the treasure to this day, but do not start packing suitcases just yet: At least 4 people were reported missing during the Treasure-hunt and at least one was found dead. we advise you to find other ways to get 3 million US dollars.
By the way, Fenn is 82, still alive and kicking and has overcome his disease long ago. He watches all the searches with open pleasure and occasionally reveals clues about where the treasure is. (he can no longer go down to the scene himself due to his old age).


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Koala bears have chlamydia

Koala bears have chlamydia

Next time you visit Australia, think twice before you hug a fluffy koala bear.
WHY? well… you might be infected with a sexually transmitted disease.
In recent years more than half of the koala population in Australia is assumed to be carrying chlamydia And it turned out to be a type of chlamydia that people could get infected with as a result of a close contact with Koala urine-remains.

EXTRA FACT – The boys of “one direction” band were photographed hugging a koala that seemed to have urinated on them.
After the picture were taken they got tested – Test results have never been published.