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a Cactus killed a man in self-defense

a Cactus killed a man in self-defense

Plants strike back sometime. It all took place in a winter morning in 1982, Arizona, U.S.A.
Two friends went out to the desert with shotguns and began shooting at cacti (a.k.a Cactus plugging – a term that even appears in Wikipedia), after shooting a large Saguaro cactus from a very close distance , a 1.5 meter long part of the cactus fell on one of them, crushing him to death. Saguaros cacti are tall and can reach as high as 20 meters and.. well, can kille a man in self-defense.

Source>>  Archive of L.A Times

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Photo by Teddy Page  (Some rights reserved)

Killer Cactus Killer Cactus


Here is a short video of someone who didn’t get killed by a cactus YET:

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