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Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

April 17, 2017 2:14 pm0 comments

In 2010, billionaire, art dealer and collector of treasures Forrest Fenn decided he had enough of running an art gallery along with his wife and wanted to do something truly amazing. Fenn, who was diagnosed with cancer, decided to separate from humanity and be generous on the way: He would give people some of the wealth he had accumulated during his life (he had no heirs). as a very intelligent (and a very rich man), Fenn did it in an original way: he took a large box containing 3 million US dollars (including ancient coins, jewelry and other artifacts. He hid the Treasure-box “somewhere” in the Rockies, Later, Fenn published his autobiography “The Thrill of the Chase” with a poem containing clues about the whereabouts of the treasure which has not been discovered to this day (2017). Many people claim they have found the treasure but have no real proof of it, and Fenn himself said in 2016 that he was sure the treasure had not yet been found. People continue to search for the treasure to this day, but do not start packing suitcases just yet: At least 4 people were reported missing during the Treasure-hunt and at least one was found dead. we advise you to find other ways to get 3 million US dollars.
By the way, Fenn is 82, still alive and kicking and has overcome his disease long ago. He watches all the searches with open pleasure and occasionally reveals clues about where the treasure is. (he can no longer go down to the scene himself due to his old age).


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