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pandas are black and white

pandas are black and white

March 9, 2017 6:51 pm0 comments

Hey Panda bear!  Why black and white?
So the first reason just like (almost) any other every animal in nature – camouflage.
White spots on the face, neck, abdomen and back of the Panda help the animal hide under/near/around the snow. Dark-colored hands & feet allow blending in better with the shadow it casts.
Another reason is the panda’s poor nutrition. Since the main food source of the panda is bamboo which is fairly low in nutrients and calories, the mammal has to worry about eating throughout the year, therefore should be able to hide all four seasons.
But it turns out that the panda fur beautiful markings are intended not only for disguise.
The bear’s black ears and eyes marks are intended to signal the cruelty and aggression against potential predators and competitors pandas. Another cool fact – in September 2016 the IUCN: International Union for Conservation of Nature – declared that the giant panda is out of danger of extinction and is now “JUST” Vulnerable – which is actually good news since it means it made a long way from “critically endangered”.



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