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The Hot Tub Cinema

The Hot Tub Cinema

May 8, 2017 6:22 pm1 comment

If you are used to visit the cinema all by yourself, this London based concept (which by now has spread to Spain and the US) will probably not be very appealing to you – unlike a normal movie theater – as long as you do not buy tickets with some friends – you will have to share your seats (hot tub) with some other viewers in their bathing suits. You can reserve your own private hot tub, which will probably cost you as much as reserving a whole row of seats in the cinema.
The price is not cheap – private baths are around 250$ and a pair of tickets is 80$.
The Hot Tub Cinema website reminds us that “the hot tub is more enjoyable with friends, so we do not sell individual tickets.” Perhaps the organizers are trying to discourage lone strangers who do not want to share a hot tub.

hot tub cinema hot tub cinema

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