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The Japanese shoplifting solution

The Japanese shoplifting solution

June 17, 2017 8:58 pm1 comment

Did you know how Japan handles customers trying to shoplift?
Japan treats its customers with respect, and in most stores you will not find Anti-shoplifting Devices or anti-theft systems, and the sellers will leave you alone until you ask them something (because, God forbid, to show the customer that you suspect that he is capable of stealing). But what happens when a customer “cheats on trust” and still tries to shoplift something?
In many stores in Japan you will find (near the cash register) a few large orange balls. These balls are actually paintball balls, which the seller has to throw at the thief so that the police will could identify the shoplifter when he runs away. The sellers are trained in throwing these balls! And their instructions include throwing balls towards the thief’s legs and, if necessary, his car if he tries to escape. As cool as it sounds, to date only a few cases have been counted in which this amusing tactic has been used ( the level of crime in Japan is not very high anyway). But they do lie at the cash register in a conspicuous place to warn potential thieves.

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