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Peabody Ducks

Peabody Ducks

Peabody Hotel is situated in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A. The Peabody Hotel  is a luxurious hotel with a long tradition of Ducks marchin’ down a red carpet headed to an elevator to their room, wait… WHAT?? Yes, this luxury hotel is actually best known for the Peabody Ducks who live on the hotel’s roof and swim daily in it’s lobby’s fountain. Since The 1930’s, twice a day (11am and 5pm) The ducks make their route to or from the penthouse (actually the roof…) it has become a genuine tradition.
The tradition began when the General Manager ( a man named Frank Schutt)  returned from a hunting trip with a friend.
Coming back from the trip they kept the 3 ducks which they used to attract other ducks, and as a joke they decided to let them stay in the hotel’s fountain, the guests loved it, and the rest is history.
It’s a surreal scene and people from all across the United States and actually the world come to behold this funny yet cute tradition- notice that the Lobby get’s very crowded around the march, so come early to grab a place near the red carpet.

Source>> Wikipedia: Peabody Hotel

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Peabody ducks Peabody ducks

Peabody ducks red carpet Peabody ducks


Peabody ducks Peabody ducks
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