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Kaka means poop

Kaka means poop

November 30, 2013 10:27 pm30 comments

Kaka/Caca means “poop” in Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Albanian… but In Swedish and other Nordic languages it means “cookie” or “small cake”…
Does that means that cookies in 
Scandinavia tastes like shit ?  we hope not …
anyway, as you can see in the comments below, people from around the world share here  the true meaning of KAKA in their own language, if your language is not mentioned yet – please do update us!

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  • mellissa B


  • makjd

    Also in Amharic!

  • This is a cool thing I learned today, too. My sister told me that when you type the word “kaka” in LINE Messenger chat window, the stickers suggestions that will be appeared are stickers that are related to poop. We tried to find it out in any English dictionary, but we can’t find anything related to poop. I decided to look up in Google, then I found this. Cool, Man. 😉

  • Zaria Anderson

    I know it is because that is my cuzens nickname and we looked it up.

  • ShortFatBloke

    There is a similar word that comes from old English.

    In medieval times, the practice was that you would eat with your right hand and wipe your arse with your left hand – a tradition that still exists in the Middle East. Therefore your left hand was your ‘cack-hand’.

    Nowadays if you are ‘cack-handed’ it means that you are left-handed or, more commonly, clumsy or inept.

  • Commentor

    In swahili it means “brother”

  • in a south african language called sotho it also means shit

  • mahinda

    In Sinhalese language (Language use in Sri Lanka) Kakka is shit. We pronounce it as kakka. In Italian language also same (some time they call Medra), but Kaka is also use.

  • Michelle

    In the South African language Afrikaans, kaka also means poo…..

  • Bob jones

    In Sinhalese (in Sri Lanka(which is the only country that speaks that language)) kaka means poo as well.

  • trace

    My dad always called poo kaka or karki or kaki & my dad was of Convict ancestry sent to Tasmania from UK he was blonde with olive skin & Violet eyes & my mother also & her ancestry was of Irish travellers & came to Australia & bred racehorses & i remember my nanna she would read fortunes from tea cups I would love to find out more about both sides!

  • Samantha

    I’m danish and kaka does not mean cake in my language, kage means cake (kage is pronounced ka-e) so no, kaka does not mean cake in other nordic languages than swedish 🙂 There is a Danish reggae singer called kaka tho’..

  • Sonny

    And guy in my class called me Kaka (he’s Romanian) but my french teacher knew what it meant

  • Sonny

    My dad and mom call poop crap

  • Pablito

    It’s one of the very first learned baby words in polish, but it’s in use only by them and theirs mother for some time, first year. Later it’s “kupa”(read koopa), not kaka any more.

  • Tanveer kaka

    My cast is also kaka

  • Tanveer kaka

    We live in pakistan in sindh

  • Dan Carter

    Kaka means SHIT NOT POOP

  • Dude, that’s fake. Spanish is my language and kaka doesn’t mean poop in spanish. It’s caca.

  • Oh finally it’s revealed!

  • sahara

    hi im from new zealand and i know what kaka means its a maori word for poop

  • Talena

    Recently, I had somewhat of a vivid dream, but the only part of my dream that I could remember was seeing the hand written words “Ka-Ka.” Nothing else of the dream could be recalled besides that word, which I found very strange. A day or two after this dream, I was telling my best friend about it and the strange word so she began to looked it up. I told her I had thought there was some specific meaning to why I could remember only this word, but as she read off the Google results, I was laughing too hard to care. What a shame of a wasted dream and precious internet data!

    Ka-ka (also known as poop, shit or, in some languages, cookie) 😔

  • Iso Kakka

    In Finnish we have “kakka” meaning poop as well. Many of the Christian terms have come from Swedish but “Easter” which is now”Påsk” in Swedish was not loaned. The reason (it is told) is that in the Middle Ages Swedish ‘Påsk’ was pronounced with a normal “a” and had an ending “a” as well (“paaska”) which was way much too close to the Finnish word “paska” meaning “shit”.

  • I scrolled thru the responses and was surprised to not see French listed. Caca is the ‘polite’ French term for poop.

  • In Punjabi Language it means “a todler” new born baby or kaki new born baby girl.

  • In French caca means poop NOT shit. Merde means shit. Similar words in Italian, Spanish, and most likely in the other Romance languages as well. Caca is almost exclusively used by the very young and their entourage.

  • Hemanth Kumar Manchaiah

    In Kannada (South India) language Kakka literally means “Shit”

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